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Search Mortgage Corp. (SMC) is a massive mortgage co-brokerage working with over 100 chartered banks, credit unions, financial institutions and private investors -- versus 20 from regular mortgage brokers out there. Having a vast network of Search Mortgage Approved Brokers (SMAB) allows SMC to focus on getting you the lowest rate possible, maintaining a 100% funding rate and providing excellent customer service.

Specializing in: Purchases, Refinances, Equity Loans, Line of Credits, 1st & 2nd Mortgages. Over 40 Lenders and Private Money Available. Self Employed, New to Canada, Bad Credit, Refinances, Low Down Payment or No Down Payment, We will get you approved!

This Weeks Rates: 2.34% Fixed 1.99% Variable Fill out this form and a mortgage specialist will contact you within 24 hours.

With lower rates and mortgage approvals, coupled with a focus on customer satisfaction Search Mortgage has built a financing solution the smart way. We’ve eliminated the need for consumers to shop around other mortgage agents, banks or lenders to get the lowest rates possible by fighting for your business.

Search Mortgage Corp. Mortgage Financing the Smart Way...Apply today at www.SearchMortgage.ca/Apply